Why Has Your Website Fallen On Google Search?

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You may have noticed that your website has recently taken a tumble on Google rankings. But why might this have happened?

Well the simple answer is – there isn’t a simple answer!

There could be any number of reasons you’ve suddenly seen a dip. So, what I am going to do in this article is give you some possible reasons. Some things you can check to see if you can’t zero in on a factor that seems to stand out above the rest.

Is your site mobile responsive?

The easiest way to check this is this; grab your smartphone out of your pocket, open your web browser and navigate to your website. Does the site re-size itself to fit correctly onto your phone’s screen? Or do you have to pinch and pull to zoom in and out to see everything properly?

If the answer is that you have to pinch and pull and that your website is not re-sizing to the screen – then this might be your problem. Google punishes websites that aren’t mobile friendly.

Does your site have an SSL?

The best answer to this is, if you have just asked yourself “What’s an SSL?” then you probably don’t have one!

However, it’s easy to check. Go to your website on a PC and look at the address bar at the top of your browser. Are you seeing a padlock icon on the left hand side? Or is your URL starting with the characters “https://”?

If you’re not seeing one, then you don’t have an SSL.

An SSL is a security certificate that is helping to encrypt the data on your website and secure the data of the people visiting your website. Blocking viruses, data scraping or malicious code. Nowadays, Google wants you to have one. If you don’t, well, then you might need to get one sorted out.

Has your website been down for any period of time?

Harder to check for this, generally your IT company MIGHT be able to tell you if your site has gone down at all. But often, they have no way of knowing.

However, it might have been something you, or one of your employees noticed. One day they’ve gone to look at the website and it’s down, quite often in this situation it’s one of your clients that will tell you.

Before you worry too much about why, the more important question is – how long?

If it’s been down for a while then there’s a good chance that Google crawled your site while it was down. Therefore, it’s made the reasonable assumption that your business might have closed. And down the rankings you will fall.

Have you been updating the website regularly?

This should be an easy question to answer. When was the last time you logged onto your website and changed something, added a new page, created a new blog, updated the wording on a page etc?

If you can’t remember, then there’s a very good chance this is what has rumbled you. Google wants to see regular updates, new content, work being done on the site to keep it fresh and relevant and it wants this to happen reasonably often.

If you’re not doing it, that could be it.

There are of course a whole host of other possibilities, but we tend to find these are the main culprits.

So what do you do if one of the above seems to be the cause? Well, we can advise you on a number of options. Equally, if you find it appears to be none of these, then please do get in touch and we can do some digging for you.



Written by Alex.S

Digital Marketing Consultant & Keynote Speaker @ Dragonfire Marketing

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