Video for Business – Reheated? Fresh Out of the Box? Or Cooked to Perfection?

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Video is like pizza. Even if it’s bad, you just want a slice anyway. Let’s admit it, we’re all drawn to both as a fix.

But if you’re looking to use video to promote your business online, and who isn’t, what’s the best way to go?

First off, as everybody knows there’s no hard and fast rules. What’s right for one business may be entirely wrong for another. Short crust snippets may be a great way of teasing interest in your new product, or thick crust satisfying content may equally be right for that compelling visual explanation of your problem-solving service.

But in our experience, it’s well worth taking the view that you’re not just making a video, you’re creating a piece of work that is bringing your brand to life.

And a poor piece of work will be that bad slice of pizza – your customers will probably try it, leave the rest in the box and find a better one around the corner.

So, what can you do to create great video?

The short answers are – don’t reheat. In other words, don’t make a mess of the opportunity by doing something that’s just the same as everyone else’s – on the cheap.

Out of the box can be a great solution. There is a plethora of online video templates with stock images and effects that you can enjoy pulling together. But out of the box can be like Sainsbury’s basic or Lidl value – the solutions are all just a bit samey, and you just know you’ve had that bland old topping taste before. Having said that, it is a cheaper option and that might just be enough for starters.

Then there’s cooked to perfection. In other words, use a professional video outfit who ‘gets’ you and your business needs – as well as making perfectly turned out, generously topped tasty content.


An experienced video outfit will be just that – experienced in communicating for all sorts of businesses and an equally wide range of business issues and messages. That can be invaluable.

Guidance. The best companies will hold a mirror up to your business objectives and come up with creative interpretations and messages which you may not yet have thought of. It’s consultancy, but not maybe as you know it, as the chances are advice like this is freely given. You’ll get to know answers to the sort of questions you may not have thought of – how long, how much and how to make your business stand apart from the pack.

Script or storyline. You may know your subject better than anyone else on the planet – but could you put it into a short engaging video? With professional help, the answer is a definitive yes.

Kit. We all have it. 4K smartphones, boy toy drones and gimbals – toys galore. But kit alone doesn’t win the day. And professionals are just that – as professional in their knowledge of how to employ pro-kit to get the best result as you will be with the kit, knowledge or intellectual property you know so well and that makes your business shine successfully.

Pictures. Often worth a thousand words. And if you or your team are being featured, are you supremely confident you’ll look and sound your best?

Top tips from a video professional around presentation skills will avoid that YouTube ‘Hi, it’s Bob from Bobco here. I’m here today to take you on a quick/slow look at our latest thingy…’

Sound. That plinky, plonky library track? That illegal download? Those barely audible voices above the traffic sound on the last promo? It’s poor sound that your customers will comment on first in your reheated video – pictures are more forgiving in the minds’ eye. Fact.

Editing. For pro’s it can be the bits we leave out or put together in particular ways that intrigue viewers and want them coming back for more. That magical Chicken and Chorizo combo if you like – irresistible. The editor is your chef, combining the ingredients to produce a fabulous result.

Outputs. Advice on formats for Social Media, VR, interactive, sub-titles and Google presence will all be within your reach with professional advice and guidance. Where to use your video to the greatest effect is always key – you could have a wonderful video made, but if no one ever sees it, then it was a complete waste of time and money!

The Cost. This is by far the biggest perceived barrier to using a professional video outfit. But with the daily cost of equipment and services professional video really is within the reach of most businesses who are serious about their future. And there’s no reason to over-invest either. Choosing a committed specialist will be far less of an investment than a big agency and with your very own personal video chef at the helm your business video will indeed be created, rolled, diced, sliced, and cooked to perfection.


For further info, free advice and ideas, contact our friends at SGA UK or 01787 378422



The author, Simon Greene, runs SGA UK – a DRUM recommended business video and event company of 30 years standing with local, national and international clients.

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