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Creating social media videos has become such common practice for me in the past 5 years that I’ve had to repeatedly upgrade my DropBox just to handle the often massive video files. I prefer videos because they’re so much more memorable than text or photos. During this time I’ve amassed a ton of experience, and in this article I’ll distil the key things which have consistently allowed me to grab and keep the attention of my audience. Some of the tips are simple, others you may want to ponder over a cup of coffee. Given the reduced attention spans of the average web user nowadays, it’s never been harder to keep your R.O.I. and compete in this space. I’ll show you how I keep it affordable and hard hitting.

It came to my attention last year that Facebook was starting to favour my longer videos, as they naturally kept users engaged for much longer on their platform. Ultimately, Facebook is an attention company – the more attention users give their content, and the longer – the more revenue they can potentially bring in. Use this to your advantage.

Use High Quality, Attention Snatching  Video Thumbnails

Consumers scroll through their social media accounts so fast nowadays that it’s natural to question whether ads are effective at all. For this reason I rarely have a thumbnail which doesn’t directly question the user. For example, if you were to be in the life insurance niche, you could create a caption within your thumbnail like, “Do you REALLY know what goes on behind the scenes?” or “Can you afford NOT to click this?”

The difference between this and click-bait is the nature of your product. If you believe in your product then you should believe you’re doing the user a favour by informing them about it.

Create a Conversation Bubble with Your User

To understand this trick, visualise your interaction with the user using two overlapping bubbles. In the left-hand bubble, you have the dialogue going on within your business about your product. The right-hand bubble is your user’s internal dialogue about their problem.

The ‘sweet spot’ in the centre is where the two of you meet. High end marketers who turn over millions of dollars per year, always drive home one major success pointer: If your product fits the user like a glove, it will practically sell itself. The user might be thinking about how they really need life insurance to protect their loved ones, but they can’t free up the time to go through the laborious paperwork, or discuss their family finances with a complete stranger. In this case your glove-fitting advert could be distilled right down to “Our Life Insurance Comes with Our Famous 5 Minute Installation”.

By doing this, not only are you respecting your audiences very limited time, you are showing that you understand their pain. This creates massive subconscious rapport, which is something you can’t do without.

Deliver Massive Value – For Free

A friend of mine operates in a highly saturated, but extremely profitable niche. His competition have legal and financial resources that could lasso the moon if stacked on top of one another, but his company has very specialised, highly researched, and non-filler products. They don’t have a massive budget, but they know their audience and use that to their advantage.

A simple strategy is to take your flagship product, or something you would ordinarily sell, and give it to your prospect in exchange for their email address or attention. Videos are highly engaging, and a perfect way for you to cut-to-the-chase and offer your company’s ‘secrets’. Use subtitles to emphasise what you’re communicating, and don’t be afraid to state your reasons for giving the product away for free. I am yet to come across an online business that delivered massive value, and didn’t amass huge credibility and trust from their clients along the way.

Flow When You Communicate Your Message

As consumers, we have a mechanism in our minds that looks for a logical path once we’ve emotionally decided upon something. More often than not, a good sales page simply leads the prospect to a logical conclusion they are looking for. A bad sales page will give the user plenty of ways to divert their attention – in other words their content just doesn’t flow.

Address their problem step by step, on both an emotional and logical level, and that you understand their problem because it is your job to understand. Keep your video flowing in the same way, making sure your pitch doesn’t appear at the wrong time for their logical brain. Timing is everything, and I always show a new video to at least two business friends before submitting it, which lets me really fine tune the timings.

Always Be Closing – End your videos with a Call to Action

Nothing is worse than a great advert or sales pitch which doesn’t just let the user buy the product once they’ve decided to. If I create a landing page, for example, I’ll include multiple ‘Buy It Now’ graphics and links throughout the body of text. They don’t want to be left hanging so offer them a way to close the deal. And be clear with what you want them to do, for example if I need them to visit a shopping cart, my video will end with ‘Click Here To Visit Our Store Right Now‘.

You greatly increase your conversion rates when you lead prospects through the process, taking their hand and making them feel comfortable in the step-by-step checkout you’ve created, from video to information gathering and closing.


Offer massive value, ask for something small in exchange.
Lead them through that exchange in clear, concise steps.
Test the hell out of everything, and scale what works. Be militant with your test results, keep a spreadsheet, you will fast-track your results this way.
And remember to have fun with it!

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Written by Peter. P

Confidence Coach and Trader @ Dragonfire Marketing

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