Top 3 Mistakes you are Making on your LinkedIn


Boasting 467+ million users, LinkedIn is by far the world’s largest social network for active professionals. LinkedIn reports that half of their users are active on the platform at least once a day, so the odds are that as a reader of this blog, you’re one of them. Naturally there are many benefits to being a member of LinkedIn, but it’s crucial to know the top three mistakes individuals make when it comes to using LinkedIn to gain an edge. We’ve distilled the top three mistakes users make when using LinkedIn and the reasons why you need to cut them out right now.

Mistake 1. Not Being Active on the LinkedIn Platform

LinkedIn was designed as a social platform to nurture professionals who are committed to growth, so in order to benefit from the richness of the platform you simply need to socialise with it. Sharing, commenting, liking, and generally engaging with it really makes all the difference. LinkedIn knows which users are active, and which professionals add ‘depth’ to their network, so it’s good for you to really engage with the network so as to convey that you’re not just looking for your next job. Each week over 160,000 posts make their way on to the platform, joining an estimated 1million published posts by professionals. There’s a vast array of content worth engaging with, and around 71% of professionals claim to trust this content credible source of knowledge. Around 70% of users aim to build and grow their existing relationships on LinkedIn, posting articles, commenting, and aligning with other pioneers in their respective industries, ‘thought leaders’, so to speak. Engaging In the platform like this will help prepare you for success when new opportunities arise. Around 30% of users are simply looking for a new role.

Mistake 2. Accepting Every Single Connection, or Connecting With Users You Don’t Really Know

Based on the stats we were able to pull from LinkedIn, the average successful user has around 400 connections, this number appears to be the optimal figure. This is not to say that a larger organic follower count is unhealthy, but it may well hinder your success. Unlike rival social networks which thrive on new content regardless of the quality, LinkedIn is 100% about the depth and richness of their user oriented content. Valuable connections require both your time and commitment to maintain. If you wouldn’t willingly introduce one connection to another, and invest time in helping them to grow too, then consider whether you should really be connected. There is much more to networking than merely accumulating names and phone numbers, for you to operate a truly powerful network you have to cultivate it like a garden. Be discerning about who you connect with.

Mistake 3. Your Incomplete Profile

Imagine clicking on the profile of somebody you were considering for hire. Blank. Sections missing. Half hearted, bog standard sentences. Do they not care about their image? Are they hiding something? Readers don’t intuitively know that you’re even human, let alone a professional, motivated user, so it’s down to you to convey that on screen through text and imagery. A rich and personal profile will have more of an impact than you may realise, and by just having a profile photo you could get up to 21x more views and 36x more messages. Adding some of your skill sets can see up to 13x more traffic reach your page, and this section takes little to no time to fill in. So rather than skipping the sections you feel are unnecessary or irrelevant to you, start to think of your profile as your digital self-expression, and your visitors as potential people to meet in the near future. Show off what you feel you can bring to the table, your accomplishments and who you really are.

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Written by Stefanie. G

B2B and B2C Marketing Consultant and SEO Specialist @ Dragonfire Marketing

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