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Tamdown Group Limited are a large building company headquartered in Essex. With over 900 staff they are a large, well-established company who have been running for over 40 years.

Part of the Nexus Infrastructure Group and linked with their sister company TriConnex, Tamdown required a complete brand book to be designed and developed for all three companies.


The Challenge

The first and most pressing issue was that all three companies’ existing brand guides were different, extremely brief and had significant gaps within them that would need to be filled.

It was requested by the client that all three books followed the same basic layout and structure, making them easier to follow for employees of the company when working on any documentation and specifically the marketing team which spanned the three companies.

The brand guide had to include almost every conceivable use of the company’s brand, logo, fonts, colours and symbols.

Everything from headed paper, business cards, compliment slips, email signatures to clothing, vans, HGV’s, plant machinery, site boards and multiple logo usage and much more in between.

What we did

Our first point of approach was the planning of the brand guides. Working with the marketing department we looked at how to ensure everything was incorporated, what that would entail and what information would need to be gathered first.

Once the initial planning was completed our designers then began on the construction of the brand books. Detailing down specific considerations and guidelines on how to make use of the company logos and branding in numerous situations and scenarios.

The correct fonts to use in any documentation, both internal and external were also detailed and fully considered.

Our first draft of the brand books was delivered to the marketing department and a process of editing and altering began. As new considerations emerged and additional branding rules became required a collaborative process continued to ensure that the final documents contained just about everything that could be needed in a brand guide.

The design of new elements, icons and documentation was also carried out within the process. Meaning the brand could be modernised and moved forward as well as set out in a strict set of rules for usage.



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