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Websites can be as simple as a four to five page brochure website with nothing fancy about it at all - to being as complex as Facebook or Amazon.

As such, the specification of a website can be very quick and simple, or it can be a long and complicated, extremely detail-focused process.

Websites break down into a number of basic categories (which can be flexible and fluid and incorporate elements of each other) but we will attempt to give the basics here.

The thing is, bringing your app idea to life into a functioning, published, well-downloaded app can be more than a little daunting and, it can be quite expensive too.

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Brochure Websites

In the simplest form, a brochure website is a site which simply displays your business’ services and provides general information on your company and what you do – like a brochure might.

These are often considered to be the simplest websites you can have. However, they can encompass complex functionality or have clever code to make them more interactive, more interesting and more engaging.

Some brochure sites incorporate interactive maps to allow users to search for their nearest branches. Some have interactive forms for customers to fill out, encouraging them to give their details to you. Some have product builders or quoting systems built in. The list goes on.

Simply put, a brochure site is one that isn’t designed to take any payments from customers.


E-Commerce Websites

The term e-commerce is used to describe any site which has a payment gateway built into it. A site which allows customers to pay for products and services directly through the website.

The most famous e-commerce site in the world is Amazon – you’ve probably heard of it.

E-commerce is not simply reserved for companies that sell physical products however. If you’re a clothing retailer or a boutique artisit you might well be able to sell your wares directly through your website to the public.

But, even if you offer a service, you can still take money through your site. If you have services or service-support products that customers will pay for, you can sell these through your website. Perhaps you’re developing a software? You can set up a site to register customers onto monthly plans, meaning you build up an ever-growing residual income.

There a lots of ways to go e-commerce.


Database Sites or Platforms

The exact name for this kind of site is a little elusive and we have heard them called many things. Simply put these are sites such as Facebook, where your users must register with you and create an account before they can make use of the functionality of your site.

These kind of websites have almost limitless potential and can become fully-functioning businesses in their own right. Done well they can become internationally recognised and produce extremely high income volumes.

Platforms can develop, grow and evolve with your business, keeping you at the cutting edge of internet trends now and into the future.


What we do

Whatever you website requirements we start by first helping you develop the plan. Because, the matter of what you want your website to achieve for you and your business is more important than what you want the website to do, who its users are going to be and what it needs to look like.

We of course help you plan those things too, but the first and most important step is to identify the objectives of your website and what it needs to achieve in order to make it a worthwhile investment.

Whatever your website’s purpose, or intended purpose, come and talk to us. We can help identify additional possibilities, improved potential income streams and we know the best way to set a website up to ensure it converts visitors into business.


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