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This subject is extremely wide, and we could write reams and reams on the subject. But the key thing to know is this – social media is going to be a vital part of your online success, no matter what you do.

Google now looks for social media interaction when deciding how to rank your website. It expects to see you using social networks and, more importantly, generating traffic through to your website from those social networks. It sees this as evidence that you are creating helpful, interesting content on your social media to draw people into your website in the first place.

Designing for print purposes has its own unique set of parameters and considerations. The final size of the printed piece is very important, images that are too small or too low-resolution will not come out well on large printed material.

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What we do

We always start off with the plan.

We want to understand your social media, understand where your clients are, what they’re interested in, what kind of people they are, what their problems are that you are able to solve. This means we know what your social media needs to achieve for you.

From there, we can help develop the strategy.

We can develop a clear picture of your social media objectives, the distribution of your target audience and the messages to be used to attract them to you. This will help refine your social media energy, making it more efficient and more well-spent.

This then improves your returns. Giving you more leads, more traffic and more business as a result of your social media activity.


Social Media Management

Should your business lack the time or resources to oversee your own social media, we can oversee it for you.

Taking day-to-day control of your social media posting, responding to comments and messages, researching relevant hashtags, groups, forums and conversations you could make use of and analysing your results.

For each month we manage your social media we provide a report on activity, results and suggested future actions, continually refining your social world until it operates like a well-oiled machine.


Social Media Training

If you have staff who are currently managing your social media or whom you would like to take responsibility for managing it, we offer one-to-one and group training solutions to give them the skills they’ll need to make it work.

Tailored to your specific needs and requirements we turn your staff into well-versed social media fire breathers so that they can take your social media forward into the future.


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