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Online marketing is a broad spectrum, it technically includes anything from a website to a social media post and everything in between.

The three main areas we tend to classify as online marketing are Pay Per Click, Remarketing and Off-Site Marketing.

So what are these?


Pay Per Click

Visit our page on Google AdWords for more information on how Google’s pay per click advertising works.

Designing for print purposes has its own unique set of parameters and considerations. The final size of the printed piece is very important, images that are too small or too low-resolution will not come out well on large printed material.

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Pay per click, means just that. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay whomever it is who is running that ad for you. Sometimes that is Google, other times that could be any one of a plethora of advertisers on the world wide web.



Sometimes referred to as retargeting, this is a very clever and very effective marketing method, especially good for e-commerce businesses.

You will have seen it happen and perhaps wondered how. You might have been on a website looking at something you were thinking about buying, but you didn’t buy it, not at the time at least. Then for the next few days/weeks everywhere you go on the internet, there is an advert for that thing you looked at – that is remarketing at work!

And it is those clever little cookies that you keep getting asked if you accept that are doing it. Remarketing is proven to increase sales sometimes as much as 70%.


Off-Site Marketing

This is given a number of different names. When we say off-site marketing we are talking about ads you are placing on other companies websites. These could be blog sites or magazines, news sites or directories which will place an advert for your company or product next to a piece of content that might entice the reader to click on your ad.

This will bounce them through to your website and then you have them where you want them. These ads can be run through Google Ads but many online advertisers have their own ways of selling ad space.


If you would like information or help on any of the above, we can give advice and help you structure your online advertising so that it is both effective and useful.



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