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Design: The Meeting Place of Function and Beauty

The term graphic design can cover a plethora of services. All the way from a business card, to a logo, to a full branding guide to an entire website or app design.

Design is more than just making something look good, it is about making something work well too. Whether that is a business card, a logo, a website or anything that is going to be put in front of your customers.


Design for Print

Designing for print purposes has its own unique set of parameters and considerations. The final size of the printed piece is very important, images that are too small or too low-resolution will not come out well on large printed material.

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When designing for print it is also important to consider the physical product being printed. The weight of the paper, the finish, how it will wear and how it will feel in the hands of your customer. What that feeling will convey to them when they hold it, touch it and interact with it.

Just as important is the focal point of the printed article. There’s no sense in cramming loads of text onto a sign for example – it needs to be simple and to the point. Holding just the most important information to trigger a response and get the key elements noticed. Where their eye will fall, what the colours used are and the shapes and fonts used will all have a bearing on how effective your printed piece is.


Design for Digital

For the purposes of simplification this can mean anything that will be seen on a screen. A website, an app, an infographic, a PDF an e-brochure, the list is almost endless.

Though the need to consider the material is not needed in digital – the need to consider the target audience, focus, messages and emotive reactions is highlighted because you are taking the tangible medium out of the equation.

Use of colour is incredibly important, colours have a sub-conscious emotional impact on people and trigger specific feelings within their minds. Ever noticed how many fast food chains use red and yellow in their branding colours?


Branding Design

If you are looking rebrand your company or, you’re looking to start a new one which needs a brand then there are lots of factors to consider before you even start creating the logo.

First and foremost, you need to understand your target audience, what kind of people they are and what kind of things are going to motivate them to buy from you. What you are selling them is very important to understand.

From there we can help develop a full brand guide, complete with logos, logo variations, colour pallets and complimenting colours, how your documentation should be presented, your email signatures and much, much more.

This can then guide how everyone in your company presents your brand. By giving them a very specific set of rules and guidelines on how to do it, you can be sure that your customers are seeing a unified, uniform, consistent brand message from your company.


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