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Don't worry, be appy

Did you know the average person looks at their phone screen 150 times a day? What if you could place your company logo on that screen? What if you could put something on their device that showed off your business, something they would look at that often?

With an app, you can.

The variety and diversity of apps is vast. You have only to scroll through the app store on your phone to see the number of apps available and what they can do.

The thing is, bringing your app idea to life into a functioning, published, well-downloaded app can be more than a little daunting and, it can be quite expensive too.

App Design Development Essex and London

What we do

The first thing we do is help you make a plan. Experience has shown us just how much can be overlooked when deciding to develop an app. So, we always insist that the first phase is centred around fully rationalising and planning all the intricacies of your app.

From what devices it needs to function on, to how you will monetise it to how you will market it – all of this helps ensure that your app idea has as good a foundation as it can in order to become a reality.

Once the plan is defined and in place, we then help you develop the specification for your app. The blueprint for what your end product will be, how it will be interacted with, considering the usability, the user interaction, colour schemes, focus points and much more.


The Pitfalls of App Development

We have seen, on countless occasions, instances where clients have paid an app developer having not planned the app fully or the project fully and end up with an incomplete or non-functioning app as a result.

Or, worse still, you end up with a nice app, but no budget left to market it and it is simply adrift in a vast sea of apps, never to be discovered.

The importance of planning and fully rationalising the app and its future marketplace cannot be underestimated.

Remember also, that Android apps and iOS apps are written in different coding languages. To have both will always cost more.


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