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Last year, in Colchester we ran our SEO and Social Media workshop with great success.

The event was set up and run at the Weston Homes Community Stadium, the home of Colchester United FC. In a striking and unique venue we invited small and medium business owners along to learn about the details behind SEO, what it is, what it means and how social media plays a vital and pivotal role within SEO as a whole.

As ever we begin with the end in mind, aiming to give all those attendees at the event the tools, the knowledge and the key skills that they will need to make a true impact on their website SEO and their social media. Passing this knowledge on allows them to then take the lead in their online and digital marketing, gives them the confidence and the understanding to truly delegate the responsibility of their company’s SEO and Social Media rather than abdicate it.


Search Engine Optimisation is a phrase that will send a shudder down the spine of many a business owner. Largely because they may very well have paid someone to help them with it, only to eventually discover that nothing was happening. The “so-called” SEO company had not being doing much (if any) SEO for them at all. As such, they have a natural and quite understandable, mistrust of the entire concept.

What we do at our workshop is teach you the techniques of SEO. Train you on how to do it, what the best practices are, how to influence it the most and what the exact steps you can take to make the biggest impact are. Empowering you to be able to truly understand SEO and how it works means that you need never have the wool pulled over your eyes by a disreputable SEO company ever again. In turn, saving yourself thousands of pounds!

Social Media

Social Media is, nowadays, a major factor in SEO. Social Media is an endless and continual requirement for any reputable business. It is where your customers spend a lot of their time! Moreover, it is where their friends and family and employees and bosses spend a lot of their time. You cannot afford to not be there.

Once upon a time, long ago now, your customers (almost all of them) would be reading the newspaper, so naturally that is where you needed to advertise. Nowadays, 2.95 billion people worldwide use social media on an almost daily basis. You just cannot afford to not be in that sphere with them.

The workshop explains that you need not fear social media, indeed, you should embrace it. Done right, social media can and will have a massive impact on your business and your website’s overall Google ranking!

The Outcome of The Day

The attendees gained thousands of pounds of value from the day, learning not only how to conduct their own SEO and Social Media more effectively but, more importantly, they learn the principles of good practice so that they will never pay for a sub-standard service again.

At our last event one of the attendees told us that he had learned more in three hours with us than he had in three months with his last SEO company. A company he had been paying a monthly fee to every month without getting any kind of feedback or information as to what they were doing or even what results he was getting.

Attended their SEO and SM workshop earlier today and learnt more in 3 hours than 3 months of paid subscription to ANOther SEO business. Thank you.

Simon Greene – SGA UK

The outcome of the day was that he changed his SEO company and is now successfully leading his own website to ever greater heights. And he is just one success story from the day. Others have since hired staff to whom they can effectively delegate the job of their SEO and Social Media and be sure that it is being done effectively and properly.

The outcome of the day is empowerment!

Thank you for a thoroughly informative workshop on SEO and Social Media. Learnt lots and plenty of ideas to put into practice!

Hannah Cohen – The Hospice Loterry



Written by Alex.S

Digital Marketing Consultant & Keynote Speaker @ Dragonfire Marketing

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