How To Protect Yourself When Working With Freelancers

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If you are interested in reading this article, chances are that your small business has grown to an extent where you alone can’t handle it now and it hasn’t grown enough that you can hire a full-time employee. In these cases, outsourcing your work to freelancers is a great idea.

While freelancers are a great option for getting your business needs met, you should also beware that not everyone is competent or genuine enough to handle your work.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best practices, some red flags, and some pitfalls that you should be able to detect and tackle when working with freelancers. Since a freelancer isn’t necessarily near you, a lot of problems can arise when working with one.


Find freelancers on reputable websites

The best tip that we can give you in this regard is that you should hire freelancers from a legitimate freelancing website like Upwork,PPH or Fiverr. The reason for that is that these websites are very keen on maintaining high standards of work and strive to protect both parties from being ripped off.

Websites like these have a great employee-employer relation policy and act as very competent middle person in dispute resolution.

Conduct background checks

Another great practice to implement when hiring freelancers is that you should do a background check on the freelancer if you are awarding a critical task or a long-term project. Since freelancing primarily is a part-time hobby, a lot of freelancers are actually quite busy and can be often unavailable, inconsistent, and low on communication.

You can spot these flaws in a freelancer by learning what they do apart from freelancing, how many projects they currently have on their hands, do they have good reviews to back their competency, and if not, what were the problems faced by other employers who have worked with that particular freelancer?

Do keep in mind that these people are humans too and a small margin of error should be acceptable as long as it isn’t a critical mishap.

Other effective practices to stay in the safe zone when working with a freelancer is to always ask for samples and establish clear and honest communication standards. You can judge a lot about the skill level of a freelancer by their recent work samples.

Also, the need for communication standards is critical when outsourcing your work due to the nature of this relationship. No one can afford wasting time and money on a task.

Through clear communications, you will be able to be up to date about your freelancer’s progress and any misunderstanding can be detected and corrected before the work is completed and the damage has gone beyond repair.

Staying safe when working with a freelancer doesn’t imply that only the freelancers in this world are at fault. You could be the root of a problem too.

Through respect, thoughtfulness, consideration, appreciation, and strictness where needed, you can find the perfect freelancers for your business needs.


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Written by Peter. P

Confidence Coach and Trader @ Dragonfire Marketing


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