Maison Du Mezze – Website and SEO Improvements


The Brief

Maison Du Mezze are a Lebanese and Middle Eastern Infusion restaurant in Leicester Square in the heart of London. Having had their website already built before they opened they were interested in increasing it’s exposure and online presence. Specifically they were looking to increase their visitor numbers and greatly improve their SEO.

Stage 1

In the first instance we added Google Analytics to their website and then conducted a full website health check and onsite SEO assessment using our specialist software. This gave us a good knowledge and understanding of what the current state of their website’s score with Google was likely to be. From here we were then able to make a start on improving it.

This initially began with a general update across the site’s SEO metrics. Such as meta data and tags, heading tags and titles and a general cleanup to ensure the site was ticking as many of the Google boxes as possible. Alongside this we made a good number of changes to the wording of a number of posts and pages with too little text in them. Google generally ignores content with under 300 words, so we were sure to push as many pages as possible over that number.

We also produced a list of suggested tasks and changes that would benefit the site further in it’s quest for more visitors and greater booking generation.

Stage 2

Following this first stage the restaurant then decided to ask us to undertake the suggested changes we had made during stage 1. So, we began by conducting a full assessment of the suggested changes and splitting them down into smaller tasks to get them undertaken.

These included some changes to the website pages, structure and user flows. Our assessments had highlighted that the site was not particularly well laid out for optimal user interaction. They were after all a restaurant and their user flow was not optimised around getting them bookings. We therefore began implementing changes to make a better user interface, which would then push users into a more defined journey through the website.

We also added an SSL (another thing Google likes to see) and ensured that the website was W3C compliant and could be read and displayed correctly by different browsers and devices.

SEO London Restaurant website improvements

The Outcome

After Stage 1 was completed a 35% rise in traffic to the website was recorded, with users spending double the amount of time on the site, landing on the website through organic landing pages and viewing multiple pages before leaving the website. This clearly showed that the changes had made a significant impact to the website’s visitor numbers and the overall usability of the site.

With Stage 2 recently completed, the impact has yet to be seen but we anticipate that a minimum rise of 15% should be seen in the online bookings as a result of the changes. We also believe that the wider changes will lead to a further increase in overall website traffic and a further decrease in their bounce rate. With code cleanups and further optimisation having been undertaken, we are expecting to see significant improvements over the coming months.


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