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The Brief

When they came to us, Essex based biomass boiler installers Innasol, had an existing website in place on an Amazon Web Server which was costing them quite a significant amount every month and was set up in a way which was not conducive to an efficient website.

The site appeared to have been hastily thrown together and none-too well at that and set up on the server environment in such a way as to effectively duct-tape over the construction shortcomings.

They needed the site taken hold of and effectively managed along with a separately constructed partner log-in area. Both of which would require ongoing care and maintenance.


The Challenge

Our first challenge was to migrate the site off the restrictive environment of the AWS server and onto another web server that still provided the stability required to keep the site functional.

It had been built in such a manner that it was volatile and susceptible to breakages and CSS errors caused by code updates.

This then also had to happen for the separate partner login area. There were also a number of requested changes to make to the partner area and the website.


The Solution

We began by running diagnostic software on the existing server to assess balance, speeds, bandwidth and environment structure. It was important that any changes or moves that were made did not impact on the integrity of the website.

Therefore, the decision was taken to set up a secondary hosting environment, copy the site across and run it as a non-live test in order to check that it was stable in the new environment in which we were planning to host it.

At the same time, a staging version of both the website and separate partner area was created to use as a development testing zone. Owing to the instability of the build it was necessary to try anything intended to be done on the live site on the staging website first in order to check it was not breaking something else on the website.

Having performed the move from AWS to the new servers we could then proceed with the shutdown of their old Amazon servers, representing a significant saving for the company.

Ongoing maintenance would be required on the website and partner area and continued IT overwatch on the server environment were all put in place to ensure the company was never without a website. A failover server and load balancer were put in place to give the most stable environment and contingency that could be provided.

Work continues on their website regularly to keep it up to date, stable, secure and functioning as best as possible for them.


The Results

The result of this work has meant that they now have a cheaper solution for their web-hosting needs than AWS. Saving them over £170 per month on average.

They have a more stable and more well-maintained hosting environment for their website, meaning they can be assured that their site will remain live and functioning with more certainty.

The future of their website and primary online presence is secured and being looked after. Resulting in more security for their business.



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