How Much Does A Website Cost?

Cost of a website Essex

Often one of the very first questions we are asked is; “How much does a website cost?”

It is equally often followed up with the phrase; “I know you can’t tell me exactly, but how much roughly?”

It happens so often it is very hard not to develop a stock response. What I have instead decided to do is try and explain why the question is actually more driven by the client than by the website company/digital agency/developer you’re taking to. Yes, it is true that you could get a half-decent website built for you for as low as somewhere around the £1,000 mark. Just as easily you could go to a top London agency and pay in excess of £50,000 on a website.

But what should your price point be?

The simple answer is posed in the form of a question; How much is your website worth to your business?

To put it another way, how important is your website to your business? If it’s your main source of leads and incoming business, then you could safely say it is VERY important to your business. If this is the case, it’s entirely justifiable for you to put a significant budget toward your website. If it’s going to bring you the returns and the business in through the door then it cannot be undervalued. Going cheap may very well be a false economy.

On the other side of the argument, if your site isn’t a big part of your marketing mix and doesn’t bring you much bacon, then it might not be worth much investment. Unless of course, you’re looking to change that. If you want to turn your site from a glorified sign-post into a genuine conversion tool then again, the investment is worthwhile.

To Summarise

The facts are, e-commerce websites (those that process payments, orders etc) will cost more than a standard brochure website. In addition, a “standard” website can vary vastly in price too. In truth, if your site is something you’re looking to be a lead generator, something you’d like to see bringing business through the door on a regular basis then your investment shouldn’t stop at the website design and build phase.

Would you buy a brand new van for your company and then leave it parked on your forecourt with no petrol in the tank?

Would you employ a new salesperson and let them just sit at their desk without a computer or a phone?

The answer to both is clearly no. Your website is the same, it is a part of your business, an asset of your company that, if used and utilised correctly, can and will bring you business. How much business you want it to bring you and the size of the role it plays in your company’s marketing, sales and fulfilment is up to you. But whatever the answer to that is, your investment has to match those plans.

Do not consider your website a set-it-and-forget-it machine that will just endlessly work for you. It will need time, it will need planning, it will need focus and it will need investment. Unless of course, it’s not important to your business.



Written by Alex.S

Digital Marketing Consultant & Keynote Speaker @ Dragonfire Marketing

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