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The Background

The website Gift Time for Kids was founded by Vanessa Hilton. Her dream was to create a platform where parents and friends of parents, could purchase gifts for their children in a crowdfunded style environment.

Currently, it is mostly aimed at experiences as opposed to tangible gifts, but the idea is that each adult attending a child’s birthday can donate a value to the site and put their bit in to buy something meaningful and memorable for the child. Something that would have potentially represented an extravagant or expensive gift from any one individual but, combined together, an affordable and sensible monetary outlay.

The site would work with local venues, attractions and entertainment providers to provide good deals and rates through the site, therefore incentivising parents to sign up and encourage their friends to do so as well.


The Challenge

We were originally contacted because the company had fallen out with the agency that had developed the website for them. They were concerned for the integrity of their website and future hosting stability. As well as any changes or updates they wanted made.

The agency they had been working with was demanding substantial sums of money before they would do any further work or correct errors that had been made in the construction of the site.

Gift Time were deeply concerned that their website might get held to ransom and they would have wasted the large amount of investment they had already put into the development of the project.


What We Did

Our first step, and the most important to the client, was to transfer the hosting of the website over to us as quickly as possible.

We first had to contact the other company and confirm the hosting setup they had in place for the site. This included the programming language the site was written in and understanding how the database was set to work with the front end.

After an agreement was reached between the client and their former agency, with our help provided from an advisory capacity, we were then able to take appropriate action to facilitate the transfer of the website and setting it up on a better hosting environment.

This then meant that the company could start operating in earnest. But their first priority was a number of website alterations and adjustments to the way in which it worked. Due to the coding language used to create the site, this was not an easy task, but was eventually achieved, allowing them to press on.

As the company became more established they then began to work with us on their digital marketing, a process that continues today.



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