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So, you have just found out that you can boost your online business to the next level by implementing a sales funnel, and you are looking for the best way to create an effective sales funnel. If that is the case, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will discuss the core concept of sales funnels and the three key levels of any sales funnel for beginners. Let’s begin!

What are sales funnels?

A sales funnel isn’t a visual, virtual, or a physical implementation of a funnel, rather it is an efficient way of optimising the user experience of your potential customers, in such a way that it results in a higher percentage of them becoming paying customers. A well-implemented sales funnel can almost guarantee continuous growth of your business.

You may be marketing your product to thousands of customers at any time, but only a small percentage of those customers will provide their information and become leads. Of all the leads you generate, only a fraction of them will go ahead to buy your product. Using a sales funnel, you can ensure a higher rate of lead generation and extraction of customers from those leads.

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Three key levels of an effective sales funnel:

1. Attracting Strangers

This stage is very easy and simple: you market your product on the internet and optimise your website with SEO techniques to generate traffic. In this step, you are raising the awareness of the people in the world towards your business or your product. These strangers are the ones who will go on to be your customers, someday, if you implement an effective sales funnel.

2. Developing Interest & Consideration

So, you had your website setup, you marketed your product and now you are receiving traffic, but are they just going to gaze at some of your products and leave? There has got to be something more for them, right? You tackle this problem at level 2. To develop interest among your visitors, you can create engaging and informative blog posts relevant to your products.

Other efficient ways to develop interest among your visitors is by implementing a playful and mood-cheering website design, taking your business to social media platforms, creating interesting videos of your product, and reaching out to influencers (product reviewers, bloggers, and others) to create tutorials of your product.

3. Dealing with Leads (Intent & then purchase)

Your visitors have now started giving you their emails for newsletters, free content and latest offers, it’s time to convert them into customers. Nobody wants to be disturbed unless they are interested in your product, which is why your leads are currently the only ones who have expressed their interest and provided consent under new GDPR legislation.

To encourage your leads into taking the final action of purchasing your product, you don’t shove your products or services down their throats. Instead, you use informative emails, blog posts, videos etc and present an irresistible offer to your leads. To make sure that they don’t give up mid-way, ensure that your form fields are of a minimal amount, you have provided one-click sign-in options and quick payment forms. The more you ask them to do before they get to the sale point, the more of them you’ll lose along the way.

And there you have it, a quick, simple and easy guide into how to create you first killer sales funnel.

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Written by Peter. P

Confidence Coach and Trader @ Dragonfire Marketing

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