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The Background

Fidelity Energy are a specialist energy broker. With a well-established board in the energy sector they have grown exponentially since their foundation in 2014. With an aggressive growth strategy and a number of well-constructed USP’s they have seen ongoing growth throughout their short time since starting out.

We originally became involved with Fidelity, quite by chance when they knocked on the door of our old office to enquire if we could help them with a website, having been stood up for a meeting with another web developer.

That was almost five years ago. Since then the relationship has developed and grown, expanding into numerous different services and facets.


The Challenge

Predominantly, the challenge with Fidelity Energy has always been keeping up with their ever-changing and evolving business. With their rapid growth has also come frequent change and repositioning.

This has always been challenging to remain on top of and up to date with. New products, services and partners are being added all the time, some remain long-term and others are more short-lived.

Continually adapting to meet with these changes is challenging in itself. Especially when tying to remain on-brand and on-message.

What we did

Over the course of the relationship we have enjoyed with Fidelity Energy a large amount of work has been completed.

This has ranged from small design jobs to the complete rebuild of their website. Marketing support has been ongoing throughout the relationship. Helping them develop email campaigns, posters, flyers, banners, magazine adverts, pop-up stands, exhibition stands, business cards, brochures, inserts and partner marketing materials.

This has included design for print, digital design, web design, web development, template building, HTML custom coding, email campaign development, content and video production, SEO and marketing support.

We have worked with their Managing Director and their Marketing Managers directly throughout, always ensuring that we delivered the very best service possible. Much of the work involved picking up where others had left off or had produced something sub-standard which we then been asked to improve or correct.

We have also helped with generating a suit to their brand. With no specific guidelines in place we have developed a uniformity and continuity in the design, look and feel of all the material we produce for them, in order to ensure a recognition could develop – keeping an alignment to the way they are presented to their customers as much as was possible.

Work still continues today and a new website is in the works, with a deeper focus on customer interaction and user-friendliness it will sound a new era in the company’s progression.

Project Results

  • By implementing brand consistency and continuity Fidelity Energy have been able to develop a recognisable brand image
  • SEO work increased monthly visitor numbers to the website by 79.24%
  • On average, email marketing campaigns have a 57.3% open rate and a 20.79% click through rate

“We developed a great partnership with Dragonfire and their dedication to our website is evident in all aspects of the site. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach. Thank you so much for doing a great job!”

Chun Lau – Marketing Manager at Fidelity Energy




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