El Guaca – GDPR Updates plus Privacy and Cookie Policy

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The Background

The successful Mexican restaurant group El Guaca have been running for over six years and have had a relationship with our founder for almost five years.

As they look at their plans for marketing in the future, they became aware that they need to become GDPR compliant.


What was needed

Having an old website, which they intended to renew in the near future, they required a GDPR compliant Privacy Policy, a GDPR compliant website terms and conditions of use and GDPR compliant forms to all be present on the website.

The new EU laws, which are being enshrined in UK law as well as effecting worldwide websites beyond the EU require very specific compliances to be made in order to adhere to them.

These laws include the way in which you tell people how you will use their data and specifically requires you to ask them to opt into your mailing lists or marketing lists. If they have not expressly agreed and consented to do so, you are not legally allowed to take any action with their data.

What we did

First and foremost a GDPR compliant updated Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy needed to be created and added to the website alongside a GDPR compliant website terms and conditions.

Having the technical knowledge and legal documentation ourselves we were able to develop both a Privacy Policy and a Website Terms and Conditions to add to the website. These can be found in the footer area of the website as they are placed on most websites. However, most websites do not currently have a GDPR compliant privacy policy in place.

Once the policies were completed and on the website, we then had to ensure all the forms were GDPR compliant too. All the forms on the website capture the data entered and save it to the company’s mailing lists. Therefore, customers have to choose to opt into this when they fill out the form.

A specific set of wording asking them if they consent to this and would like to opt in was added to each form along with a tick box the customer has to tick in order to agree to the opt in.


If you would like advice on your GDPR compliance, please get in touch.


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