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If you have a website, then you are unfortunately, going to have to play Google’s game when it comes to content creation.

With over 90% market share on search engines, Google are the undisputed benchmark for getting your site found. It’s even safe to say that you can ignore the other search engines entirely.

Focus on Google and you’ll see results.

So, what do Google want you to do these days to play their game and climb their page rankings?

The simple answer; Content.

What is content?

This may sound like a simplistic question, but it isn’t a foolish one. Content is anything and everything you put on your website. Content is the written words on your site pages, the pictures you use the videos you upload. All of it is content.

Why does Google want content?

There was a time, not so very long ago, that Google looked at a vast array of factors to determine your website’s ranking. Truth be told, they probably still do, but the importance of those factors has shifted dramatically. Backlinks used to be the Holy Grail of SEO. Get dozens, hundreds, even thousands of links into your site and you were rocking.

Meta data, tags, H-tags, Meta Titles, keywords and other underlying data used to underpin everything to do with SEO.

However, times change. Google changes its goalposts because people manipulate the system. Link farming saw the eventual death of the backlink and keyword stuffing forced a rethink on content.

Google has arrived at a simple, undeniable conclusion; The only thing you can’t fake on your website is the amount of work you’ve put into it. In simple terms, that is content.

So how do you create good content and where do you start?

Google now looks at content above anything else. They’re looking for relevant, interesting, engaging content. They’re looking for useful content and regularly updated content.

The best way to do this? A blog.

Now, you’ve probably heard the word blog before and you might think, as many do; What on earth am I going to blog about?

Well there are wide array of things you can blog about if you follow one simple rule, abandon the “we do this” mentality and focus on what you can help people with. Your blog is not a sales tool. It is an engagement tool.

It is there to be interesting, useful and informative. Use it to answer questions you’re always getting asked. The kind of stuff you’re telling every client in every initial meeting you have anyway. You’d share it with someone for free so put it on your website. Perhaps there are new standards or certifications coming out that will effect your industry or that of your customers? Write about it, tell people how you’re reacting to it, how your business is dealing with it. The more helpful you are the better.

Couple all this with distributing that content on social media, spread it to as wide an audience as you can. The more people that engage with it the more your site will climb.

We could go on and on, but for now, remember. Producing good content isn’t too hard, so long as you remember to focus on being helpful, not salesy.

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Written by Alex.S

Digital Marketing Consultant & Keynote Speaker @ Dragonfire Marketing

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