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The Background

The Business Woman’s Network has been running for many years aimed at supporting female business owners, managers and directors. As a minority in business ownership the network is designed to provide business women with a regular meeting place where they can meet and get to know other business women.

The network also looks to provide helpful, business-related information to its members. Giving them more knowledge and more tools with which to tackle business and make theirs successful.

Successful entrepreneur and blogger Mandie Holdgate runs a number of events for the BWN and has been involved in helping the network grow for several years.


The Challenge

Our Founder, Alex Seleska, was asked to attend one of their meetings to present on a helpful subject for the members to take away with them.

The location was to be the Colchester group, which met at the Weston Homes Community Stadium – the home of Colchester United Football Club. The allocated time for the talk was approximately forty minutes and it needed to cover an area of expertise that would provide a great value to the attendees.

What we did

Alex is a passionate Keynote Speaker with many years of experience. Discussing the different subject areas with Mandie, it became apparent that SEO would be a great subject to base our presentation on.

Search Engine Optimisation is a regular subject matter of Alex’s talks and workshops as it is such a misunderstood and poorly explained field. So many people claiming to be experts or advisors in the matter are in fact well behind the times and sometimes, just outright wrong. Often, they are deliberately ambiguous and focus on making the subject matter sound complicated and difficult in order to win work.

As such, it was decided that SEO would be a good subject to present on.

Squeezing what is usually a day-long workshop into forty minutes was no easy task. So, Alex focused on the highlight points, ensuring that enough of the subject could be covered and give as good a starting point as possible to the attendees.

The talk went down a storm.

There was so much interaction from the excited audience that the talk actually went on for over an hour, the event organisers happy to allow it to go on – such was the value they were getting from the experience.

The feedback was unanimously positive and most members asked to be informed when future, longer workshop events were taking place.

Alex spoke for us at The Business Woman’s Network and he pitched it perfectly. We all learnt, everyone was writing things down constantly and there were a ton of questions that Alex answered in just the right way. I highly recommend Alex as a speaker and someone to work with to help with your SEO. Thanks Alex, please come back next year!

Mandie Holdgate – Founder of The Business Woman’s Network


If you would be interested in booking Alex for your event, please get in touch.


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