Google Plus is Shutting Down

Google plus shutting down web

A recent announcement from Google has finally brought an end to the journey of Google+ the pseudo-social network that Google...

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Have you received an email from Google? If not, you could be in trouble!!!

Time to focus on mobile Last week we received a message from Google which told us that our website would...

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How much should Social Media Management cost?

Cost social media management Web Essex London UK

It is a question we are often asked and we often hear asked of others, and, as with so many...

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Larry the London Bus & Friends – Marketing Plan & Social Media Training

Larry the London Bus - Social Media Strategy Essex Digital Marketing

The Background Up and coming children’s book series, Larry the London Bus & Friends, initially engaged with us for advice...

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De-mystifying Digital Marketing

Demystifying Digital Marketing

The world of marketing, and digital marketing especially, has long been viewed with an air of uncertainty, often an air...

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El Guaca – GDPR Updates plus Privacy and Cookie Policy

GDPR Compliance Website Updates Privacy Cookie Policy wb (1)

The Background The successful Mexican restaurant group El Guaca have been running for over six years and have had a...

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Video for Business – Reheated? Fresh Out of the Box? Or Cooked to Perfection?

Video production Braintree Colchester Essex (1)

Video is like pizza. Even if it’s bad, you just want a slice anyway. Let’s admit it, we’re all drawn...

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Tamdown – Brand Guide Design & Development

brandbook design and development Chelmsford Essex

Background Tamdown Group Limited are a large building company headquartered in Essex. With over 900 staff they are a large,...

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Fidelity Energy – Marketing Support & Website

Portfolio TV Ad, content marketing, SEO Essex

The Background Fidelity Energy are a specialist energy broker. With a well-established board in the energy sector they have grown...

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The Business Woman’s Network – Keynote Speaker

SEO Social Media Keynote Speaker Colchester Woman's Business Network

The Background The Business Woman’s Network has been running for many years aimed at supporting female business owners, managers and...

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Innasol – IT Services & Website

Innasol IT Services and Website Design and Development Essex WB

The Brief When they came to us, Essex based biomass boiler installers Innasol, had an existing website in place on...

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Gift Time for Kids – Hosting Solution

Hosting Solution IT Services Essex - Dragonfire Marketing

The Background The website Gift Time for Kids was founded by Vanessa Hilton. Her dream was to create a platform...

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Brand Before Logo

Brand before Logo, Branding Agency Essex W

We have been in many a conversation with a client who has uttered the phrase “we need to get a...

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How to Optimize your Website for Voice Search

Optimise for voice search - SEO Agency Essex UK

  Whether we like to admit it or not, voice search is here and here to stay. This means that...

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Getting Started with Social Media for Estate Agencies

Social Media Estate Agents Essex

Let’s cut all the airy-fairy content and get straight down to the facts of digital marketing and specifically, social media...

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How To Protect Yourself When Working With Freelancers

Hire Freelancer Social Media SEO Marketing for my business Essex Web

  If you are interested in reading this article, chances are that your small business has grown to an extent...

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Get Started with your First Killer Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel Essex Marketing Agency

  So, you have just found out that you can boost your online business to the next level by implementing...

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Why You Need To STOP What You’re Doing Right Now & Implement a Cookie & Privacy Policy

Do i need a website privacy policy and cookie policy security questions

  Are you a small e-commerce business owner? Do you want to monetize your successful blog? Are you a successful...

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What is a Content Strategy & Why Do You Need One?

Description content strategy estate agents essex

Well, quite simply, what you are reading now is part of our content strategy. Blogging is generally the largest single...

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5 Ways Bad Web Hosting Can Damage Your Business


You may or may not have heard the term "hosting" get banded about before. The chances are, if you have...

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How to Increase Website Conversions


Websites are, by their nature, a marketing tool. They are there to help you win business. A website put together...

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Our Top Secrets to Totally Capture People’s Attention with Video on Social Media

Vlogging-content-creation-Essex Video Marketing

Creating social media videos has become such common practice for me in the past 5 years that I’ve had to...

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Top 3 Mistakes you are Making on your LinkedIn


Boasting 467+ million users, LinkedIn is by far the world’s largest social network for active professionals. LinkedIn reports that half...

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5 Top Tips to Improve your Website Security


You may think your website isn’t worth being hacked, and you have nothing a potential hacker would be interested in,...

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Spring your marketing forward with Buyer Personas


The first day of Spring was officially the 20th March so we’re already nine days in! Despite the weather warnings,...

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7 Reasons you should be investing in SEO


7 Reasons you should be investing in SEO During the last 6 months, you may have heard the term “Searh...

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Atom on Site – Website


The Brief Atom on Site is a sister company of Atom Hydraulics based in Braintree. They specialise in the supply...

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Barnston Lodge Weddings – Website & IT Support

Wedding venue website SEO essex

We were first in touch with Barnston Lodge some years ago. At the time, it was a very minor job...

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Maison Du Mezze – Website and SEO Improvements


The Brief Maison Du Mezze are a Lebanese and Middle Eastern Infusion restaurant in Leicester Square in the heart of...

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Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

Email Marketing Essex

Social Media and mobile marketing are capturing the attention of everyone when it comes to modern marketing. But what does...

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SEO & Social Media Workshop – Colchester

Learn about SEO and social media business Essex

Last year, in Colchester we ran our SEO and Social Media workshop with great success. The event was set up...

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Will Your Brand Survive Facebook’s Recent Updates?

Facebook Updates - Small Business Essex

On Thursday, January 11, companies worldwide were struck by a lengthy announcement made by multi-billionaire internet entrepreneur and co-founder of...

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Stripe Vs PayPal – Which Should You Choose?

stripe-vs-paypal which should you choose

Recently, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about this “new” payment gateway Stripe. We say “new” but we’ve been working...

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Why Has Your Website Fallen On Google Search?

Improve SEO Essex

You may have noticed that your website has recently taken a tumble on Google rankings. But why might this have...

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What Is Hosting & Why Do You Need It?

Essex Hosting

Welcome to Post 1 one of our series on Debunking Digital Myths! We have chosen to start here, at hosting....

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The Top Things People Hate About Your Website

hate about your website

In our line of work, we see websites of all shapes and sizes, all ages and all manner of differing...

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How Much Does A Website Cost?

Cost of a website Essex

Often one of the very first questions we are asked is; “How much does a website cost?” It is equally...

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Should You Be Using Google AdWords?

Adwords Essex & London

This is a question we are often asked; Should we use Google AdWords? Of course, with anything relating to online...

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Digital Or Death – The Choice Facing The Modern Company

Benefits of digital

Sounds very ominous doesn’t it? Before I allay your fears, I want to make one very strong point; Outdated systems,...

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Creating Good Content


If you have a website, then you are unfortunately, going to have to play Google’s game when it comes to...

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You Could Have A 24/7 Salesperson Working For You!

Your website could be your 24 hour sales person

In our experience, the website is the all-too-often overlooked aspect of a company’s sales funnel. There always seems to be...

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