Google Plus is Shutting Down

A recent announcement from Google has finally brought an end to the journey of Google+ the pseudo-social network that Google launched back in 2011.   The rise and fall of Google+ Well, Google+ was originally Read more

De-mystifying Digital Marketing

The world of marketing, and digital marketing especially, has long been viewed with an air of uncertainty, often an air of mistrust. Why? Because marketers and marketing agencies have so often (and still do) done Read more

Brand Before Logo

We have been in many a conversation with a client who has uttered the phrase “we need to get a band done for our app” or “we are considering a rebrand” – in both instances Read more

How to Increase Website Conversions

Websites are, by their nature, a marketing tool. They are there to help you win business. A website put together right can be as effective, if not more so, than a full-time sales team. But, Read more

5 Top Tips to Improve your Website Security

You may think your website isn’t worth being hacked, and you have nothing a potential hacker would be interested in, but around the world websites are compromised every day. The majority of website security breaches Read more

Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

Social Media and mobile marketing are capturing the attention of everyone when it comes to modern marketing. But what does that mean for traditional marketing techniques like email? It seems so strange to refer to Read more

Will Your Brand Survive Facebook’s Recent Updates?

On Thursday, January 11, companies worldwide were struck by a lengthy announcement made by multi-billionaire internet entrepreneur and co-founder of social media platform ‘Facebook’, Mark Zuckerberg. The big alteration is aimed to filter the content Read more

What Is Hosting & Why Do You Need It?

Welcome to Post 1 one of our series on Debunking Digital Myths! We have chosen to start here, at hosting. Why? Well, it is actually the fundamental part of having an online presence, be that Read more

How Much Does A Website Cost?

Often one of the very first questions we are asked is; “How much does a website cost?” It is equally often followed up with the phrase; “I know you can’t tell me exactly, but how Read more

Should You Be Using Google AdWords?

This is a question we are often asked; Should we use Google AdWords? Of course, with anything relating to online marketing, the answer is; Maybe. There are a whole host of reasons why you should. Read more

Creating Good Content

If you have a website, then you are unfortunately, going to have to play Google’s game when it comes to content creation. With over 90% market share on search engines, Google are the undisputed benchmark Read more

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