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We were first in touch with Barnston Lodge some years ago. At the time, it was a very minor job for the owner that was required. A family friend of our Managing Director, the owner sadly and suddenly passed away last year. It was a number of months after this that his wife and daughter, left to run the business, discovered an issue with the website.

The domain name, purchased by the owner several years before, had expired. Held in an old account that only the owner had known about, the warnings never came and the domain was snapped up by another company. They were bereft. With no website and no domain name to put it on they needed to act fast in order to be able to secure the bookings they needed to fill their summer schedule.

The Project

We began with a consultancy phase, helping them purchase a new domain name and get some kind of temporary web-presence up. We then began with a review of their website and the plans they had for it going forward. Anxious to help them in any way that we could, we went to visit them a number of times in order to help sort their problem as quickly as possible.

The plan was settled to rebuild the website, with a new, fresher and more-modern look. Taking a complete redesign of the look and feel of the entire web-presence and branding we ensured we pushed the website build through as quickly as we could. Knowing the unfortunate situation in which they found themselves and also knowing that they needed a web-presence fast in order to hit their sales, we pushed the website build through as fast as possible to meet their needs.

The Outcome

They were delighted with the result, the website was a stunning improvement on what they had had before. It also now had a back-end that they could access to manage themselves and make changes to the site as and when they wanted.

They said:

Alex and the rest of the Dragonfire team have gone above and beyond their call of duty every step of the way. Not only do we have a stunning new website for our business, we also have more confidence and more marketing knowledge than we could have asked for. Alex has been kind, patient and professional throughout the process, and has taught us a wealth of intelligence that surrounds the overwhelming and ever changing subject that is online marketing.

We were delighted we could help and we certainly would recommend them as an excellent wedding venue. Close to the M11 and Stansted Airport whilst being rural and peaceful, away from the hustle and bustle of both.

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