Atom on Site – Website


The Brief

Atom on Site is a sister company of Atom Hydraulics based in Braintree. They specialise in the supply and repair of hydraulic equipment and hydraulic hoses. Atom on Site is the launch of their mobile service, allowing their customers to book on-site repairs via their phone and website. Saving their customers a huge amount of time by avoiding having to send equipment to a repair centre.

What they needed was a new website to detail and advertise this service, something that could build up its own SEO score and bring in customers specifically for their mobile service.

The Process

We began by working with them to understand the basics of what their customers needed to see and be able to do on the website. It was important that users be able to make a booking on the site, but equally important that these bookings were not set in stone and were still under the control of the company.

It was also important, due to the travelling requirements, that bookings could not be cancelled too close to the date. Therefore the booking system required customers to input their card details as a security against a cancelled booking.

We worked through the basic design of the site with them, which only needed to be simple and quick to use for the first start point. We also gave them guidance and advice on SEO and ensuring the site gained a good exposure in Google.

The Outcome

The site was designed and constructed within a few weeks with the content from the client coming shortly after. Once all was completed the site was able to go live so that they could start trading. The site was proven to work well and has instantly become an integral part of their company and their business.

The site includes all the information about the company and the service whilst keeping the human element of calling and direct contact at the forefront of the company ethos.


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