7 Reasons you should be investing in SEO


7 Reasons you should be investing in SEO

During the last 6 months, you may have heard the term “Searh Engine Optimisation is dead”. We would respond by saying, SEO is not dead, but the traditional form and understanding of it most certainly is.

The belief has been perpetuated that these days website infrastructure no longer plays a role, or one so minor that it can afford to be neglected. WRONG! Ever so wrong.

These are just some of the reasons that your business should be investing in good quality, skilled SEO people.

1. SEO still works

Post the Hummingbird update that sent half of the SEO community into a spin, believing that they would all have to become content writers, plenty of tests and real-life examples are proving that traditional on-site SEO works! Doing this alongside the content production and distribution that Google now requires will yield more positive results.

2. It isn’t going to stop working either

Because search engines are still computers and, though very well constructed learning AI computers, they are still bound by rules. They still cannot tell what a video is about or what an image is without the assistance of associated keywords, alt descriptions and meta data.

3. SEO isn’t too expensive

Compared to other online marketing methods such as Google AdWords or Social Media marketing, organic search engine optimisation is pretty good at delivering ROI. Organic rankings will always remain the foundation of your online presence, no matter what other methods you choose to employ to gain visitors.

4. Everyone (or near enough) is using the internet to search for products

More and more people use online methods to locate the next business they’re going to work with, talk to, spend money with. This is only going to increase. Why would you not want your business to be well-placed to be found by those searchers?

5. Mobile searches and localised targeting

With mobile searches now accounting for more than 50% of all searches done online, you can take advantage of the fact that mobile searches use location tagging to conduct their search. If you’re not optimising, you can’t, it’s pretty simple really!

6. Not building your SEO will damage your business

With each new update to their algorithm, Google shift the goalposts and you need to be doing the right things to keep on track. A decent SEO company or advisor will always encourage you to keep up the work on your site, the content and your social media because it all counts and, over time, Google will penalise those that ignore/ neglect their websites.

7. Your competitors are (or will be) working on their Search Engine Optimisation

The sad truth is, if you don’t act, eventually you’ll get left behind. Your competitors will start to corner out the market, hoovering up all the online traffic and you’ll be left out in the cold. 75% of users never scroll past the first page on Google, so if you are relegated to page 3 onwards, your chances of being found organically are slim to none. SEO is a constant process, each stop or hiccup will start setting you adrift.

SEO’s importance has never been higher, but it will continue to become more and more important in the future. As businesses that wants to be taken seriously, it just isn’t something you can let slip.

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Written by Stefanie. G

B2B and B2C Marketing Consultant and SEO Specialist @ Dragonfire Marketing

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